June 12, 2024

Leadership is largely innate skill for individuals! but if you’re not among the lucky ones with this innate ability. The good news is that research findings from various sources suggest this art can also Visionary. However, despite all efforts and perseverance in acquiring this knowledge! It’s necessary to have developed the so-called marginal abilities and skills. Which are essential for developing the necessary qualities of a good leader.

A successful manager must develop technical, and communication skills to large extent. But other skills such as power sharing, intuition, the ability to work. And others are also important. In today’s time, someone who is highly motivated to work can effectively Visionary lead, he must yearn to express his strength and guide others, and it is desirable that he constantly changes, learns, and develops personal qualities that contribute to better work of employees and achieving higher business goals of the organization.


How to achieve this, when there are as many models and methods of management as there are combinations of different managers and circumstances, and the methods of management, in general, have changed radically in recent years. Society is also increasingly demanding that companies shift from striving to satisfy the material needs of the individual back to the person who is the organization’s greatest asset. Man or the employee is the one who brings the greatest benefit to the company, of course with proper management. Thus, a good leader must no longer only control resources, time, money, and material, but above all, as already mentioned, he must first continuously develop himself, becoming better and better, in terms of spiritual and emotional intelligence, because only in this way will he be able to positively influence personal development employees, because their general well-being is a condition for the company’s progress. (taken from: www.revija.mojedelo.com)

Visionary: The Evolution of Leadership: Adapting to Changing Management Methods

In addition to personal experience, personal qualities are therefore extremely important, because it depends on them how you will react as a leader in a certain situation and how successful you will be in solving given tasks, but of course, we learn all our lives and thus continuously grow.

Here are listed ten personal qualities that must be perfectly developed and are the foundation if you want to become a successful and good leader. Although most of these characteristics are innate in nature, they can nevertheless be learned and developed well with persistence.

A good leader has a strong character. He must be trustworthy because that is the only way others will follow him, he must live honestly and fully because true authority is born from respect, strong character, and reliability.

He has excellent communication skills and the ability to conduct a relaxed conversation because subordinates will only pay attention to him if he explains things to them slowly, comprehensibly, and appropriately.

Visionary: Personal Qualities Essential for Effective Leadership

A good leader must be enthusiastic about the situation he finds himself in, that is, he must be enthusiastic about his work and the role of a leader because people will be more committed if their leader is a positive person with a lot of joy and dedication.

Leaders must be a source of inspiration and motivators at the same time. And although the responsibilities and roles of the leader differ from those of subordinates. The leader must be considered as part of a team that, together with colleagues. And strives to achieve a given goal and it is not difficult for him to roll up his sleeves and help.

A good leader is confident and persuasive, not only in the workplace but also in his private life. He must express confidence in the goal and the chosen path to achieve it because only such a person can draw the best from the team, which is necessary for them to solve the task together.

In any situation, a leader must remain calm and orderly, even in the face of uncertainty. Employees will only trust someone who, despite innovation and uncertainty, will remain calm and have a positive attitude.

Visionary: Cultivating Leadership Skills: From Trustworthiness to Perfectionism

Good leaders are tolerant and patient. Storms, emotions, and crises come and go, and a good leader takes them into account as part of the upward journey, because, last but not least, we learn the most from experience.

They focused on the goal! But they can think analytically and have a good view of the whole of what is happening. Which they can sometimes interrupt for a closer inspection. Especially in case of ambiguity or mistakes, and thus advance from a lower point.

They perfectionists committed to excellence. Realize that being second best is not enough, so they maintain high standards. Not only in achieving the goal but also in the selection of colleagues. A good leader must have an extremely well-developed sense of teamwork, and be flexible and relaxed. The workplace should not create a feeling of tension, as this work is a buffer between superiors and subordinates

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