April 22, 2024

The sun is shining, it is pleasant 30 degrees warm. You’re just getting out of bed around Saturday afternoon after yesterday’s party, where you’ve enjoyed the night with all kinds of nations. Or just the opposite: you’re on your feet early because you’re taking the family on a trip to the mountains to take another destination off your boot list. All this is a normal, average weekend. Money does not matter, because the salary is good, and the work is interesting. In addition, there is time for friends, travel, and hobbies… everything that would have been impossible at home. Yes, that’s how you live when you work abroad. Or maybe not everyone ?! Remote Work !

I’ve been working in different countries for several years, but it’s still not clear where it’s worth going to work in a way that’s financially worth it. Most online comparisons compare to a minimum wage, but what if you’re an educated, experienced professional, or you might want to take the whole family with you. Is it worth it anyway?

Remote Work: Additional

More and more young people are thinking of looking for work abroad because they have heard of an acquaintance who has a golden life and never wants to come home. I support young people going to learn a language, to make money, but I also agree that it should be put to good use at home in the end. Life is usually not easy anywhere. With that, I want to dispel all misconceptions that they are selling the apartment abroad for free, throwing freshly baked pizza around the corner after a person, and so on. It may be easier to make a living from a salary, but unfortunately, it comes at a price. What? It mostly depends on the individual, but there are recurring phenomena. Many have a “golden life” and “they did the tutti”, congratulations to them – but this article is NOT primarily for them…

Instead of any political implications for the thing, I will try to provide information in the following.

Expense – I took the following expenses as a basis for a family of 3:

There is an average 2 bedroom apartment in the capital with the internet and a private car to refuel. The family goes to a restaurant a few times a month, sometimes to the cinema, to have fun. Also, there is something extra every month: a new dress, diaper, etc. for the child. So based on these, I calculated that this family is just coming out of the low salary at home, while it can already set it aside from the higher salaries.

How do you interpret the numbers?

I have all calculated for the countries in the article whether it is worth going out. Financially. I ran into hidden costs in many places, while during my research I found places where a surprising amount of money could be set aside. Where will you live? What school the child will go to; is it free or payable for it? How much does it cost to come home and visit relatives, even several times a year? What kind of insurance should be taken out in that country? And so on… Sure, money is just one of many things, but that’s exactly what I’ve been around in this series of articles.

For the sake of simplicity, I made an infographic for most countries or cities, in which I translated the above-mentioned low, medium and high salaries. I hope this helps with quick understanding.

Considering combining my own and my friends ’experiences with my internet research, I calculated how much money can be set aside each year for relatively low, medium, or even exceptionally high salaries. Let’s look at the more distant lands first!

Remote Work: Furthermore

There is a price to pay for incredible development, and that is to pay those who want to settle in these countries. Many companies have a 2-3 year posting that is worth it for everyone. The company outsources an experienced European expert to a new or evolving office, while in return it sees and enriches the posted world. The biggest difficulty is getting out: in many countries, you can practically not set foot without a proper corporate background.

Singapore is a real gem. Perhaps one of the most European states in the area, it is still a great opportunity to explore Asia. If I could, I would come here next to make money. They give very good salaries, but you also need to know that life is very expensive. Kindergarten, school, and housing take away a significant portion of the income. So the more children a person has, the better accommodation they want.

Remote Work: Additional

However, a lot of houses have their swimming pool and the sun shines most of the year. So you can spend a few years here 🙂 India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and the Philippines. Those who work in the field of IT are paid quite well in these countries, which is no wonder. Both climatically and culturally. Several of my acquaintances have worked in one of these countries. Some were legal, but some were semi-illegal: in essence, Europeans were certainly employed. If not for something else, at least for language teaching.

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