June 17, 2024

Worries can take up a lot of space in our heads, and we can actually do a lot of damage to ourselves by worrying about everything. In reality, very little of what we worry about actually occurs. Why should we go around being so afraid all the time, when fear does so little good? Is it possible to reduce the number of concerns? Overwhelm.

Concerns can be compared to weeds: you have to take care to weed occasionally so that the weeds don’t completely take over. Instead of weeds (worries), you should plant the plants (thoughts) that make you happy and actually lead to something more useful.

1 – Overwhelm: FEAR OF POVERTY

Most of us have probably experienced the fear of running out of money, going bankrupt or losing the ability to earn money, and suddenly standing on bare ground. This fear can take up a lot of space if you don’t do anything about it.

Solution: Make up your mind and commit to taking responsibility for your finances, and make sure to save up a solid buffer that you can have in the back of your hand for rainy days. Of course, it takes time to save up a large amount, but the most important thing is to incorporate the habit of saving – then the amount will grow larger over time. Set yourself absolutely clear financial goals, which you work towards every day. Focus on what you can actually achieve, rather than what can go wrong.


There are few who like to receive criticism or to be humiliated by others. Sometimes we fear it so much that we don’t dare stand up for ourselves and say what we really mean. We avoid sticking our heads out or doing things that make us stand out – thinking about what people will say. The good thing about criticism (if it’s constructive) is that we can grow and develop into a better version of ourselves. When we receive the praise it is easy to sit back, but receiving criticism often awakens the drive to perform better.

Solution: Decide not to care so much about what other people think or think about you. In reality, the vast majority of people will be so self-absorbed and busy that they have more than enough to think about themselves. If they have seen or heard anything about you, they will rarely think about it for more than a brief moment anyway. Remember that most people forget incredibly quickly.

3 – Overwhelm: FEAR OF ILLNESS

During our lives, it is inevitable that most of us will experience serious illness in someone close to us, or in ourselves. For someone who has been ill, the fear of getting ill again can be great. Those who have experienced illness in their loved ones can often fear that the same will happen to them. Many of us worry too much about things we can’t actually control, and that can take away the joy of living in the here and now.

Solution: Train to shift the focus from thoughts of illness and various symptoms to focusing on a healthy and health-giving lifestyle with positive content. Be grateful for being healthy today, rather than worrying about any illnesses that may occur in the future.

4 – Overwhelm: FEAR OF LOSING

The fear of being rejected, not being wanted, or losing someone we love can be very destructive to our own happiness. The fear of losing can stop you from getting what you want most. We also find the fear of losing in relation to investments. Many people are so afraid of losing money that they are not willing to take the chance of winning.

Solution: Decide to accept love and give back as much as you can, while you can. Appreciate what you have today, without filling your head with thoughts of what you may lose in the future. Think about what you have to gain, rather than what you stand to lose.


With old age, our appearance will deteriorate, and we may also experience that our abilities and health are weakened. No one really likes the thought of becoming obsolete or losing the ability to take care of themselves. And what if you run out of money in your older days? It’s no wonder we worry about this very thing, but there is little we can do to stop time.

Solution: Look at every year you get as a blessing. Remember that not everyone is lucky enough to grow old. Aging cannot be avoided if you want to live long. And you just have to accept it first as well as last. Fortunately, there are also positive aspects to getting older, such as increased knowledge and experience, and often better finances. Also, age makes us more confident in ourselves and who we are, and there come times (if we’re lucky). When we can shrug our shoulders and sit back. Enjoy what we’ve created for ourselves over the course of a long life. The best thing you can do for yourself in relation to old age is to take good care of your own health and finances, so that life will be the best possible when you one day grow old.

6 – Overwhelm: FEAR OF DYING

Much of the reason we fear death is that it is unknown to us. No one knows when or how it will occur or what actually happens after death. The unpredictability of death can be enough to scare you. What’s more, we don’t want to leave the people we love – and the life we ​​know. Solution: Think through what beliefs you have in relation to death. And at the same time reconcile yourself to the fact that everyone will die one day. Worrying about events over which you have no control is a waste of energy.

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