April 22, 2024
Japan Travel Guide

Japan is a country I have long needed to visit, with unimaginable mountain view, one of the world’s generally tumultuous and idiosyncratic urban communities (Tokyo), a long history of culture and custom, and obviously amazing food with genuine sushi on offer wherever you turn. Japan Travel Guide.

I have been requested many times throughout the course of recent years from writing for a blog why I have not yet been to Japan, with the response being that I was simply sitting tight for a period that was correct. This is a country I needed to consider to be an entire over no less than about fourteen days, rather than simply flying in for a fast city outing to Tokyo or a ski trip in one of Japan’s well known ski resorts.

At the point when I ran over the Splendors of Japan Tour with Trafalgar (who I have gone with already in Peru), it appeared to be an extraordinary chance to take one of my folks abroad to visit Japan, as I probably was aware both of them would see the value in the way of life and history not at all like any other individual I knew – so I booked my father a boarding pass, advised him to gather his sacks, and we were off!

Japan Travel Guide: Tokyo

Japan’s capital Tokyo is peculiar, superb, and at time totally whacky – however that unequivocally makes it such a sought after city for worldwide guests.

Our excursion began in Tokyo as it is the principle door to Japan and an incredible city to put in a couple of days finding its many pockets – from the rushing about of Shibuya and Shinjuku, over to the calm harmony and peacefulness of Japan’s recreational areas, and the entire way through to Tokyo’s gaming region; Akihabara.

Make certain to permit yourself somewhere around 3-5 days around here as there is a lot to see and do – including vacationer problem areas like the Mieji Shrine; Sensō-ji sanctuary; Ueno Park for amazing cherry bloom seeing in Spring; Harajuku for youthful design, close by Omotesando for grown-up style, Tokyo Tower for noteworthy perspectives at dusk, and assuming that you have additional time, roadtrips to Tokyo Disneyland, Disney Sea, or close by Mt. Fuji.


For our Tokyo inn we remained at New Hotel Otani and I would strongly suggest it, however for area I would have liked to be position in Shibuya or Shinjuku.

Japan Travel Guide: Mt. Fuji

Subsequent to partaking in the entirety of the disorder and wildness that is Tokyo, permit yourself one day to escape the rushing about and break to local Mt. Fuji to see the great mountain where numerous Japanese and unfamiliar visitors make their move to the highest point every year.

While here appreciate extraordinary perspectives (climate subordinate) from Lake Kawaguchi and partake in a magnificent blueberry + vanilla delicate serve from the gift store.

Onwards from Mt. Fuji we continued to visit Hakone, a little town on lake Ashi, which likewise offers incredible perspectives on Mt. Fuji from a remote place by taking the streetcar to the review stage.

Matsumoto Castle

Following 3 evenings in Tokyo (I would recommend booking no less than 1-2 additional evenings to permit time to see/do everything in Tokyo), we advanced by transport to Takayama by means of Matsumoto Castle – one of Japan’s most beautiful palace. Otherwise called crow’s palace because of its dark outside, this palace is totally worked of wood and according to Japanese custom, constructed totally without nails (it sorts out like a jigsaw puzzle and can be completely pulled separated and assembled back).

There is anything but an incredible arrangement to see past the palace, so after a brief glance inside and stroll around the grounds, it was onwards to Takayama around the same time!

Japan Travel Guide: Takayama

This flawless little city known as Takayama is the doorway to the Hida area. One day to investigate this city is sufficient opportunity to see most focal points, however assuming time is your ally this would be an incredible town to dial back and put a few days drenched in Japanese culture and customs.

Delicate serve frozen yogurt assumes a major part in Takayama with many flavors accessible on the numerous road – feel free to attempt them all! There are additionally some incredible Izakaya cafés here (easygoing Japanese food), offering an extraordinary opportunity to attempt provincial food.


Following two evenings in Takayama. We cleared our path through field towns toward the bustling city of Kanazawa. Yet as is regularly the situation, today was about the excursion to arrive.

In transit we halted at two conventional towns – described by covered rooftops and customary wooden houses. These two towns are UNESCO World Heritage recorded as they depict Japanese conventional in its most genuine structure. So make certain to take a lot of photographs!

Onwards we halted at a Nomura House. A conventional samurai house where we took throughout the entire existence of the neighborhood district. Continuous practices and the historical backdrop of the samurai.

Japan Travel Guide: Kanazawa

Unfortunately I have two or three blustery. Not-really clear photographs to show from our time in Kanazawa. As we experience came down for the two days we were however and in this way generally remained inside.

Would it be a good idea for you be gotten in Kanazawa with daylight. Make certain to visit Kenroku-en, viewed as one of Japan’s three most lovely gardens and simply nearby is Kanazawa palace. Which is likewise deserving of a visit.

Kanazawa is a bigger city (with different Starbucks and McDonalds if that gives any sign!). So I would prescribe only one day to investigate here. To consider additional time in the open country or urban communities that bring more to the table as far as touring and culture! Like the following stop; Kyoto!


When the capital of Japan! Kyoto is just about as charming as one might at any point envision Japan to be. Albeit the appeal of Kyoto lies underneath the clamoring city that it is today. When you take the back roads you before long start to find the set of experiences. Culture and customs that live on in Japan right up ’til the present time.

Make certain to meander through Gion, Kyoto’s most famous Geisha locale and an outright mecca for green tea (matcha) sweethearts! Here green tea comes in all possible structures – frozen yogurt, parfaits, frappes, hot lattes and that’s just the beginning!

Kyoto is additionally home to the renowned Fushimi Inari Taira. An inconceivable sanctuary of thousands of red torii entryways that line the 4 kilometer stretch to the hallowed Mt. Inari. Nature sweethearts will partake in the bamboo forests. While those searching for a city break can continuously make a fast excursion to Osaka. Simply a brief express train ride away!

Japan Travel Guide: Osaka

Despite the fact that Osaka wasn’t on our agenda for the visit. We had an all-inclusive visit toward the end in Kyoto. Which took into consideration an unconstrained outing to local Osaka (30 minutes by express train from Kyoto). The outing happened totally by some coincidence. As we were sat in our lodging making an arrangement for the accompanying two days. Concluding when might be ideal to visit every area for less groups. Especially as it was a public occasion that day. Out of nowhere we settled on the choice to go away from Kyoto to local Osaka. Experience the rushing about of now my outright most loved city in Japan.

My beloved regions to investigate in Osaka were Shinsekai and Dotonbori. Shinsekai felt like a time travel as you straightforwardly venture back on schedule to a Japan that time neglected. Obviously with the additional shading and vocation of the 21st Century! Dotonbori is the fundamental traveler avenue in Osaka which is additionally home to the best road food in Osaka. (and the absolute best in Japan), while permitting a lot of chances to go through some money.

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