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Business skills are a fundamental component in the workplace. Regardless of the job position, having skills can play a very important role in the performance and productivity of the company. In this article, we will discuss what entrepreneurial skills are and give examples of entrepreneurial skills in the workplace. We will also talk about how we can develop these skills. […]


For many managers, everyday life is characterized by meetings that follow one another. It is difficult to get from meeting to meeting, and it is difficult to find the time for preparation. All too often you are interrupted or have to decide on an urgent matter. This means that the preparation is all too often almost non-existent. Far too many […]


How is it that there are families we look at with interest that are happier, less stressed, and more self-confident?You stand and look with fascination, you see that the children are calm and trusting, and the parents, despite their many duties, are fully satisfied with their daily duties. They emanate strength and certainty, and mom and dad arouse authority, not […]


What is personality? Is character the same as personality? There are many concepts and theories of personality. Ancient philosophers already wondered who we are, and what makes us like that. Many eminent scientists have dealt with this topic, and depending on the current in which they worked, their concepts also changed and evolved over time. It can be assumed that […]


Businesses have to evolve with the times and adapt to new technologies. They have to adopt a proactive strategy and move with the external factors, among other things, to survive in the long term and continue to make a profit. It is very likely that if management does not adapt to the new technology, the company will lose ground against […]


WHAT IS MARKETING? Usually when someone hears the word in an ordinary conversation that marketing, they immediately think about the ads. This isn’t really a bad approach, but it doesn’t completely cover the point. We cannot get away with the definition of a concept with an explanation of advertising, the more complex it is because marketing does not have a […]


The sun is shining, it is pleasant 30 degrees warm. You’re just getting out of bed around Saturday afternoon after yesterday’s party, where you’ve enjoyed the night with all kinds of nations. Or just the opposite: you’re on your feet early because you’re taking the family on a trip to the mountains to take another destination off your boot list. […]


The rubbersole.co.uk has been bringing you the latest trends from the world of fashion almost every day. We build fashion awareness and try to point out the importance of our own style. The wide offer gives space to choose from different styles, which can be the basis of the uniqueness of every individual. You will find products with us and […]


Have you decided to change something in your life and choose a few days of silence that will tell you everything? Turn off your phones, computers, TV, and close your books and just listen to your heartbeat. EASY EXERCISE Start the morning of your first day of silence with a light workout before taking a shower. Pilates, if you practice […]