VistaPrint, a Cimpress company, helps small business owners create expertly designed, up-to-date custom marketing – the assortment of products they need to look and feel professional, prepared, and plugged in.

Yes, we said assortment. Indeed, we’re best known for our business cards – and we’ve printed billions of them since Robert Keane founded VistaPrint in 1995.

But today, VistaPrint offers so much more: a wide range of customizable small business marketing products; real-time access to expert ideas and assistance for people who need a hand; and a simple, straightforward experience for those who know exactly what they want.

When we put it all together, our customers can easily design a consistent, cohesive look that carries across their entire business, whether they operate in-store, online, on-site, or on the go. With that, they can confidently walk through a door, know they can keep up with the competition, and make things happen right now.

Because now isn’t just a challenge. It’s an opportunity. And VistaPrint is here to help small business owners OWN THE NOW.


VistaPrint gives small business owners the right assortment of products and options. VistaPrint doesn’t overwhelm, but they don’t come up short. And it’s all at the right price.

VistaPrint helps small business owners quickly and effectively create the products they need to get the job done – with tips, inspiration, and experts readily available.

They offer on-trend designs, intuitive tools, and support options that enable any small business owner to create expertly designed marketing – even if they’re not a design expert.


Not satisfied? VistaPrint will make it right. VistaPrint stands by everything they sell. So if you open your order and you’re not happy, they will reprint or give you an account credit.

If that doesn’t help, they will refund you in full.


Their featured bestsellers categories are

  • Business Cards
  • Sheet Stickers
  • Banners
  • Flyers


Customizable designs, papers, shapes & more, from standard to specialty papers. Find the right card for you.

VistaPrint offers 3 main Business Cards Designs.

  1. Standard
  2. Premium
  3. Specialty

Make your next card look and feel just the way you want.

  • 3 standard paper stocks(glossy, matte, uncoated)
  • 11 premium paper upgrades
  • Square shape or rounded corner upgrades
  • Embossed gloss or foil accent upgrades

Your business is one of a kind – your business cards should be, too. Whether you’re making first impressions, rewarding regulars with a loyalty card, or giving satisfied clients your contact info for next time, we’re here to help you look and feel ready to impress. And with our user-friendly upload and design tools, we make business card printing easy.


Try a standout shape, or add a special finish to your text or logo.


Get creative with this collection of attention-grabbing, luxe papers.


Make a statement with our selection of specialty cards, intended for unique projects and uses.


Here’s a quick rundown of standard business cards:

Business card size in inches: 3.5″ x 2″ Business card size in Photoshop: 1050 x 600 pixels

We also offer square cards or rounded corner cards, which are a little different than the typical business card size. Also, when you’re designing or choosing a template, remember that business card dimensions may include a “bleed area,” which is extra space for images, patterns, or design elements that extend beyond the cut edges – this helps prevent having white edges around your finished card.


Rounded corner business cards stand out with a modern, memorable look. Lose the corners to get an edge.

Set yourself apart with smoothed-out, rounded corners.

  • Quarter-inch rounded corners
  • Fit perfectly in any standard holder or wallet
  • Available with most paper stocks
  • 3 paper thicknesses: standard (14pt), premium (16pt) or premium plus (18pt)

Rounded corner business cards have a look and feel that’s hard to miss. And the attention-grabbing shape helps keep your company top of mind.

Rounded corners are available with most of our great paper stocks, with lots more customization options, too. You can have square business cards with rounded corners or complete your design with our embossed gloss or foil accents.


Break from the traditional with square business cards. A unique shape and style for standout companies.

Add some dimension to your design with a stylish square card.

  • Measure 2.5″ x 2.5″
  • Work as product tags, coupons & more
  • Available with most paper stocks
  • 3 paper thicknesses: standard (14pt), premium (16pt) or premium plus (18pt)

VistaPrint square business cards (2.5″ x 2.5″) have a look and feel that sets them apart from standard shapes. They’ve got a great layout for showcasing your logo or product shot, and they help give your company an interesting, creative vibe. Plus, the compact size makes them a great option for product tags, coupons, product instructions, and more. You can get square cards with most of our paper stocks or even with rounded corners.

VistaPrint also offers

  • Marketing Materials
  • Labels, Stickers & Packaging
  • Clothing & Bags
  • Signs & Banners
  • Home & Gifts
  • Invitations & Stationery
  • Promotional Products
  • Digital Marketing

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