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The sun is shining, it is pleasant 30 degrees warm. You’re just getting out of bed around Saturday afternoon after yesterday’s party, where you’ve enjoyed the night with all kinds of nations. Or just the opposite: you’re on your feet early because you’re taking the family on a trip to the mountains to take another destination off your boot list. […]


The rubbersole.co.uk has been bringing you the latest trends from the world of fashion almost every day. We build fashion awareness and try to point out the importance of our own style. The wide offer gives space to choose from different styles, which can be the basis of the uniqueness of every individual. You will find products with us and […]


Have you decided to change something in your life and choose a few days of silence that will tell you everything? Turn off your phones, computers, TV, and close your books and just listen to your heartbeat. EASY EXERCISE Start the morning of your first day of silence with a light workout before taking a shower. Pilates, if you practice […]


Decorate a household like a professional! Who wouldn’t want a beautiful new house with modern equipment and charming design? However, the acquisition of a new house or extensive reconstruction can cost a lot of money. We have therefore prepared some tips for you on how you can effectively modernize your home without having to spend a lot of money. So […]


FUN SUMMER ACTIVITIES We say summer time hello! The time for wonderful and fun summer activities and family excursions is here. Creating memories together by being outdoors, enjoying beautiful weather and exploring the world together is unbeatable. GO TO THE LOCAL MARKET Most cities have one or more local food markets each week. It is fun for children to explore […]